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Hello! MagicBlox Friends and Family :) We're so glad to meet you by way of the internet. I'm Greg Devlin (Co-Creator) of the Neon Tiki Tribe project and we (our awesome team of writers, illustrators, web designers, app builders, translators, teachers and educational consultants) look forward to talking with the MagicBlox community. I'm a USAF disabled veteran, survivor of a Titan II Missile Explosion (9-19-80 / Damascus AR) and my survival story is featured in "Command and Control" written by Eric Schlosser (9/13 release date). I live in central Florida and my wife (Annette) and I have 4...

Creator Spotlight August 2015 - Diana Pishner Walker

Diana Pishner Walker
Diana Pishner Walker was born in Clarksburg, WV and is the daughter of the late Louis and Anna Allessio Pishner. She attended Notre Dame High School in Clarksburg, WV and graduated in 1977. She attended Fairmont State College, Fairmont WV and is employed by the Marion County Board of Education as a “Fast ForWord” computer aide at East Dale Elementary School. Diana resides in Fairmont, WV with her husband Mark and their three children Curt, Courtney, Chris and his wife Ashley. They have two grandsons Ashton Louis and Austin Maddox. Diana’s Italian roots run deep. Her maternal grandparents were...

The Top 10 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

The Top 10 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make by Rana DiOrio
by Rana DiOrio As independent publishers, author publishers, small-business owners, and/or vendors supporting the content-producing industry, we are all entrepreneurs. I took on that role in 2009 by starting a children’s media company after I had spent years working in law, finance, and private equity. Throughout my career I have learned some of my most valuable lessons by making mistakes. Now I hope that sharing my lessons learned will benefit other indie and author publishers. To broaden the scope of this Top 10 Mistakes list, I sent an email to more than 25 friends who are former clients,...

Make way for the Witches…

Witches' Brew
Although Halloween has come & gone, we’re still feeling pretty “witchy” here at Pinwheel Books. Could it have something to do with Talia Aikens-Nuñez’s new book, OMG… Am I A Witch?! Quite possibly! OMG… Am I A Witch?! is the enchanting & thoroughly modern tale of April, a little girl so fed-up with her bullying older brother that she turns him into a dog using a spell she finds on Google! Is April really a Witch? Will she be able to undo the spell in time? Is she going to be punished FOREVER? And will her brother ever stop growling at her? You’re little sorceress or sorcerer is sure...

Earning My "Dad Badge" With Love

How Markus Hummel Earns his "Dad Badge"
Parenting is a life-long commitment to excellence. Give it your best and all your energy. Your kids are your most precious possession. I am lucky enough to have three (13/11/8). The early years were hard as you have to figure things out. I learned that children strive on structure and discipline, another reason why you end up having a boss in your adult life! Somebody has to be in charge. So while you teach your kids life lessons, your kids also make you a leader. If you feel stressed about parenting get help - there is plenty out there - or call your mom and dad! My kids love hearing...